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   Rostov Region
About region
Agricultural sector
Architecture and construction
Housing and communal services, fuel-and-energy complex
Financial institutions
Mass media
Advertising agencies
Travel industry
Real estate
Health care
Science and education
Culture, art, sports
Spa, recreation, entertainment

About region
Rostov Region
History. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Public movements and political organization. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Mass Media. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Industry. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Agriculture. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Investment Policy. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Transport and Communication. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
Financial Institutions. Cketch. More

Rostov Region
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Rostov Region
Culture. Cketch. More

Taganrog is situated in 70 km to the southwest of Rostov-on-Don on the coast of the Azov Sea, that is a part of the Black Sea basin. Taganrog lies halfway between from the Don estuary and the Russia-Ukraine border, 50 km both ways. The distance from Moscow is 950 km. Population makes up 281,600.
Head of Administration (Mayor)—Nickolay D. Fedianin.  More

Shakhty is situated in the north-west of Rostov Region. Total area—151.2 km. Population make up 259.6 thousand. The town was formed from three miner settlements—Ayutinstky, Talovy and Maysky.
Head of Administration (Mayor)—Yuri V. Zagorulko More

The town of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky is situated in the northern part of Rostov region. Population—98.7 thousands including the population of administrative territories of Zavodskoy and Likhovskoy. Total area—15.7 thousand hectares.
Head of Administration—Mikhail A. Dronov. More

Population makes over 73 thousand.
Head of Administration (Mayor) of Gukovo - Victor V. Shubin.  More

Zernograd District
The total area of Zernogradsky district is 2,700 square kilometers (arable lands make up 231,000 hectares. The population exceeds 65 thousand (including 28 thousand in Zernograd).
Head of Administration of Zernograd territory - Anatoliy F. Kolchik. More

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