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Akulovich Lyubov Alexandrovna

Akulovich Lyubov Alexandrovna

Myasocombinat Novocherkasskiy (meat-packing plant), Director General.

Address: 129/40 Platovskiy Avenue, Novocherkassk, Rostov region, 346400.
Telephone: (86352) 2-33-85.
E-mail: mk@novoch.ru
Place of birth: She was born in Rostov-on-Don.
Date of birth: 12 October 1957
Education: Rostov Institute of National Economy, speciality Agricultural Planning (1980).
Professional experience: As a girl wanted to become a ballerina, in her youth dreamed of being a doctor. Within the period of 1977-1988 worked as an economist, labor and wages engineer, chief economist, head of planning department, director of Novocherkassk City Service group of enterprises. In 1989 she became the head of a cold store. Since 1996 she has been the Director General of Myasokombinat Novocherkasskiy Open Joint Stock Company. Lyubov Akulovich is a specialist in management and production planning. She is a member of Directors Board Presudium and the Chairman of Edinaya Rossiya Political Council in Novocherkassk. She thinks that she gained success due to her school class supervisor Nadezhda A. Sinyapkina, her mother and novel And Quiet Flows The Don by M. Sholokhov.
Awards, honorary titles: She is a recipient of honored diplomas of Legislative Assembley of Rostov region (2002) and Ministry of Agriculture of RF (2002). She was named The Woman-Director of 2000.
Published works, press comments: More detailed information about Lyubov Akulovich can be found in Bomond magazine ( 10-11, 2000), Women entrepreneurs (2001, p. 198), Rostov Region History and Contemporary Life. Atlas. (2002).
Family: Parents Dorofeyev Alexander Alekseyevich and Dorofeyeva Valentina Prokofyevna railway transport workers. Husband Yuri (they married on December, 10) is an engineer-electrician. They have two daughters: Kseniya (1980), a lawyer, and Maria (1986), a schoolgirl.
Hobbies: Reading, astrology, psychology, tourism, cooking and knitting.
Preferences: In people she values decency, kindness and intellect most of all. She likes to receive presents made by the giver. She finds delight in films with Eu. Leonov, L. Dolinas songs, music by I. Krutoy, books by J. London. She prefers to spend her vacation in the mountains or at the sea. Among her favorite representatives of flora and fauna are roses and squirrels. Her gastronomic preferences are fish and juice.
Wishes, plans: To establish a holding company with a full production cycle
Date public: 2003, September


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