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About the person

Akperov Imran Gurru oglu

Akperov Imran Gurru ogly

Institute of Management, Business and Law, Rector.

Address: 33/47 Nagibin Ave., Rostov-on-Don, 344068.
Telephone: (8632) 45-28-90. Fax: 45-28-90
E-mail: rector@rost.ru
Date of birth: 19 April 1958
Education: Rostov Institute of Railroad Engineering (1980); Russian Academy of Management (1992).
Professional experience: As a boy, he wanted to be a scriptwriter, later on, growing up in the teachers family, he realized an ambition to become a teacher too. He worked as a principal engineer at a railroad (19831987), lectured management at the Institute of Railroad Engineering (19871991). Since 1991 he has been the Rector of the Institute of Management, Business and Law.
President of the Inter-regional Association of Private Universities Specialists of the Southern region. An expert in the fields of management and managerial consulting.
Membership: Member of the presidium of Rectors Council of the South Federal District, member of the Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
Published works, press comments: Over 70 publications in the field of education systems, management optimizitaion, management technologies, including Forecasting the Demand For Specialists and Managing the Regional System of Education, Vysshaya Shkola, 1998 and Treasury System of Budget Execution in the Russian Federation, Finance and Statistics, 2002 and Psychology of Management, Finance and Statistics, 2003.
Family: His wife Marzia, whom he married on July 15, 1990, is a lawyer. They have two sons, Gurik (1994) and Timur (1998).
Hobbies: Car-driving, volleyball, chess.
Preferences: Imran Akperov rates highly decency and fidelity. He prefers to spend his vacations on travel, loves Nizamis poetry and Dostoevskys novels, organ music, Bach especially; considers good books and good words the best presents to receive; his favorite flowers are roses. As for gastronomical preferences, he enjoys meat dishes and tea.
Wishes, plans: ''To author an interesting popular book on problems of education.
Date public: 2003, May


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