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Abashina Klara Nickolayevna

Abashina Klara Nickolayevna

Gorky Academic Drama Theater, Actress. Peoples Artist of Russia.

Telephone: (8632) 65-01-73.
Place of birth: Born in Astrakhan.
Date of birth: 17 July
Education: Odessa Drama School (1951).
Professional experience: From her very childhood Klara Abashina wanted to be an actress. She has been on stage since 1949, working at the Theatre of Soviet Army, Odessa (1949-1952), the Kirov Drama Theatre, Astrakhan (1952-1959), the Lunacharsky Drama Theatre, Tambov (1959-1966). In 1966 she joined a company of the Gorky Drama Theatre; then years later she became the regions first drama artist to be honored with the title of Peoples Artist of Russia.
Being asked about the key factors of her successful career, she names interesting directors, books, films, and her love for actors profession.
Membership: A member of the Union of Theatre Workers.
Awards, honorary titles: The Sign of Honor Order (1976). Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1958). Peoples Artist of Russia (1979).
Published works, press comments: For more information, see Teatr (Theatre), Teatralnaya Zhizn (The Theatre Life) magazines, Don #12, 1980.
Family: Father Nickolay Abashin, Communist Party worker (d.1932). Mother Olimpiada Abashina, a teacher (d. 1987). Husband Mikhail Vahovsky, a theatre director, Honored Worker of Art of Russia (d. 1980). Son Mikhail Vahovsky (1960), a businessman. Granddaughter Daria, a student of the Prague Academy, Prague.
Preferences: Her value hierarchy is based on a notion of justice; she prefers rather to give than to receive presents; Konstantin Simonov is her favorite poet, Klavdia Shulzhenko favorite singer, Pyotr Loboda, Peoples Artist of Russia favorite drama artist. As for more mundane things, she likes gillyflowers and violets.
Date public: 2003, September


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