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About the organization

IRIS, Design and production enterprise, Federal state-owned unitary enterprise.
An engineering and production of automated control systems and computer-aided engineering facilities.
Address: 9, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., Rostov-on-Don, 344011.
Telephone: +7 (863) 267-48-94; Fax: +7 (863) 290-70-80.
E-mail: pkp-iris@rostel.ru
Chief: Apikov Vadim Rubenovich
Historical outlines: The IRIS design and production enterprise was founded in 1960. To 1992 it was known as Rostov special planning and design office. At the present time IRIS is subordinate to the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Design and production enterprise IRIS

Key activities: The enterprise carries out the following projects and know-hows:
  • System of centralized control on ground fueling facilities for Energy-Buran shuttles;
  • control system for Proton carrier rockets gas supply and system for thermostatic control of Proton instrument module;
  • microprocessor control and diagnostics systems for EP1 electric locomotives and VL80tk modernized electric locomotives;
  • microprocessor system of automated electric locomotive control;
  • noncontact nonvolatile pickups;
  • UPSs;
  • static voltage changers;
  • controlled electric marine drives including inductor motors and control units;
  • systems of control and diagnostics for storage batteries.
See also: Apikov Vadim Rubenovich
Partners: The Almaz central design office, the Aurora R&P office, the Novocherkassk plant of electric locomotives, Rostselmash, Motorola, International Rectifier, the Southern-Russian State Technical University, the Khrunitchev center, the OM design office, etc.
Achievements: Engineered by IRIS control systems for the Proton carrier rocket gas supply and thermostating of instrument modules are successfully exploited on the Baikonur launching complex. Dozens of serial locomotives (EP1, EP10, VL80) are equipped with IRIS-made microprocessor-based systems; the Onega, Angara, Buria lines of ships rely upon IRIS-made feed changers; OMG and ONK load moment limiters are used to advantage on many cranes, etc.
Offers: IRIS offers development, production, testing and supplies of high-reliable ACS and power electronics program-technical complexes.
Managment: Director GeneralŚVadim R. Apikov. Chief designerŚMark I. Fedotchenko. Chief engineerŚAlexander K. Davydovsky. Chief accountantŚLubov I. Matveenko.
Branch offices: Novocherkassk branch: 15 Dubovskogo St., Novocherkassk, Russia, 346410; telephones/faxes: +7 (86352) 200-60, 200-41; e-mail: iris@novoch.ru. DirectorŚAlexei P. Temiriov.
Date public: 2003, September
Renewal date: 2006, April


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