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   Rostov Region
About region
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About the organization
Rostov-Dosug, Open-Joint Stock Company.
Community center. Social and educational activities.
Address: 70 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., Rostov-on-Don, 344007.
Telephone: (8632) 40-21-62.
Chief: Abacharaeva Nelly Lazarevna
Historical outlines: The Rostov-Dosug (Rostov-Leisure) OJSC was founded in 1992.
Corporative holiday: 14 October
Key activities: Social and educational activities.

Rostov-Dosug (Rostov-Leisure). Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Staff: 78 employees.
See also: Abacharaeva Nelly Lazarevna
Achievements: Being one of the best Rostov cultural centers, Rostov-Dosug unites more than 3,000 amateurs of art. Of 36 bodies and clubs of Rostov-Dosug each third is honored with the title of the Exemplar Art Body or Folk Amateur Art Body, namely Friendship (folk dances), Little Cossacks (children’s folklore ensemble), children’s brass band, ensemble of stage dancing, Lopatin art school, vocal schools, chamber orchestra, theatrical center of oriental drama, and folklore choirs. Organized by Rostov-Dosug concerts make up audience of about 800,000 a year.
Community affairs: An active participant of all community affairs, Rostov-Dosug regularly organizes charitable concerts and holidays for local schools, children’s and nursing homes, etc.
Managment: Director General–Nelly L. Abacharaeva, tel. (8632) 62-58-51. Chief executive–Boris F. Vasiutin, 62-48-14. Chief accountant–Natalia N. Poliakova, 40-92-48.


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