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About the organization

Rostov State Economic University RINH (RSEU RINH), State Educational Institution.
Educational activities.
Address: 69 Bolshaya Sadovaya St., Rostov-on-Don, 344002.
Telephone: (8632) 40-21-23. Fax: 40-21-23.
E-mail: rector@rseu.ru
Web site: www.rseu.ru
Chief: Zolotariov Vladimir Semionovich
Historical outlines: Historical background. Founded in 1931 Rostov-on-Don Financial-Economic Institute was reorganized three times: in 1964 to Rostov-on-Don Institute of National Economy, in 1994 to Rostov State Economic Academy and in 2000 to Rostov State Economic University RINH. The University is one of the largest educational and academic centers in the South of Russia.

RSEU RINH. Office. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Corporative holiday: 15 January
Founders: The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
Key activities: The University embodies the Continuing Education System, providing higher education and refresher courses, postgraduate and doctoral courses; areas of the University academic interests cover economics, finance, business, management, multicultural studies, law, etc.

RSEU RINH. Classes. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Staff: 70% of teaching staff have academic degrees: sixty-six lecturers have Doctor of Science degree, 221 have Candidate of Science degree; four have honorary title of Honored Scholar of the Russian Federation.
See also: Albekov Adam Umarovich
Bugaian Ilya Rubenovich
Doliatovski Valeri Anastasievich
Evsyukova Tatiana Vsevolodovna
Gissin Vitali Isaevich
Jukha Vladimir Mikhailovich
Khubaev Georgy Nickolayevich
Kochmîla Konstantin Victorovich
Kuznetsov Nickolay Gennadievich
Labyntsev Nickolay Tikhonovich
Nalivaiski Valery Yurievich
Ulesko Sergey Ivanovich
Usenko Luidmila Nickolayevna
Zolotariov Vladimir Semionovich
Partners: The University co-works with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov Region, Southern Customs, financial institutions, state and private enterprises.
Achievements: The University participates in a number of regional, Russian and international projects, including the TASIS program “Financial Transparence of Federal Transferts in the South of Russia”; the University work on this program was appreciated very much by Richard Write, in charge of the EU representation in Russia. Societe d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale, France, awarded the University and Rector Vladimir S. Zolotariovthe Golden Medal for dynamic development during economic crisis.

RSEU RINH. Office. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Managment: Rector-Vladimir S. Zolotariov, tel. (8632) 40-21-23. First Vice Rector for academic affairs—Nickolay G. Kuznetsov, 40-55-00. Vice Rector for research—Vladimir Yu. Nalivaisky, 40-49-29. Vice Rector for curriculum—Luidmila N. Usenko, 40-43-44. Vice Rector for international relations—Mikhail Yu. Denissov, 90-71-95. Vice Rector for branches of the University–Vitaly I. Gissin, 65-45-21. Vice Rector for administrative affairs-Sergey P. Voronoy, 40-13-00.
Branches: The University has 17 branches in Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol Territory, Daghestan Republic, Karachai-Cherkess Republic.
Date public: August 2003


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