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   Rostov Region
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About the organization
Rostov State Pedagogical University, Public educational institution.
Education and research.
Address: 33 Bolshaya Sadovaya St., Rostov-on-Don, 344082.
Telephone: (8632) 40-60-97. Fax: 40-41-58.
E-mail: rspu@rspu.edu.ru
Chief: Grekov Anatoly Andreevich
Historical outlines: Rostov State Pedagogical University has a long history, being a successor of Rostov-on-Don Institute of Teacher’s Training that was organized on a basis of Warsaw Russian Imperial University. During WWI the latter was evacuated–with all its library, staff, and European traditions–to Rostov-on-Don, where was renamed to Northern-Caucasian (Don) University. In 1931 its department of teacher’s training was separated into an independent public education body, Rostov State Pedagogical Institute. In 1981 the Institute was decorate with the Sign of Honor Order as recognition of its educational and research activities. In 1993 the Institute got a status of an university and the Southern Branch of the Russian Academy of Education was organized on its basis.

Rostov State Pedagogical University. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Corporative holiday: 30 July
Founders: The Government of Russian Federation via the federal Ministry of Education acts as a founder of the University.
Key activities: Being a center of the regional educational environment, Rostov State Pedagogical University provides higher education, postgraduate programs, fellowship and traineeship; carries out abstract and applied research programs. Rostov State Pedagogical University includes Institute of Linguistics (General Philology Department, Slavic and West-European Philology Department, Foreign Languages Department, Translators’ Training Department), Institute of Management & Economy, Pedagogics & Psychology Department, Physical Culture Institute, History Department, Mathematics, Informatics & Physical Sciences Department, Tecnology & Business Department, Chemistry & Biology Department, Arts Department. At present there are 9.500 students, 4.600 of them studying distantly, and 190 post-graduates.

Art-graphics faculty. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Staff: 700 lecturers, among them 61 professors, 275 PhDs and assistant professors.
See also: Alferov Alexei Dmitrievich
Grekov Anatoly Andreevich
Kamynin Ivan Ignatievich
Malashchenko Valentin Prokofievch
Tchalov Afanasi Nickiforovich
Vlassova Julia Nickolayevna
Achievements: Rostov State Pedagogical University is the key body of teachers’ training in the South of Russia and basic unit of the Southern Branch of the Russian Academy of Education.
Managment: Rector–Anatoly A. Grekov, tel. (8632) 40-60-97. First vice-rector–Vladimir I. Mareev, 40-47-46. Vice-rector in charge of research–Igor E. Ufliand, 40-47-08. Vice-rector in charge of extramural education–Alexander M. Mendzheritsky, 40-80-46. Vice-rector in charge of management–Alexei N. Kopyl, 40-93-72.
Branch offices: The University has branches at Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Volgodonsk, Zernograd, Shakhty, Konstantinovsk, Veshenskaya, Zymovniki (all Rostov Region), and Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory.


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