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About the organization

Myasocombinat Novocherkasskiy. Logo.
Myasocombinat Novocherkasskiy (meat-packing plant), Open Joint Stock Company.
Meat and sausage production and realization.
Address: 129/40 Platovskiy Avenue, Novocherkassk, Rostov region, 346400.
Telephone: (86352) 2-33-85. Fax: 2-31-07.
E-mail: mk@novoch.ru
Chief: Akulovich Lyubov Alexandrovna
Historical outlines: A.V. Lozes sausage factory, built in Zapadenskaya Gorge in the south-western part of Novocherkassk, was first mentioned in 1867. According to eye-witnesses accounts in mass media the factory was famous for its tasty sausage and smoked foods of good quality.
Founders: Natural persons.
Structure of joint-stock: 100% natural persons.
Key activities: Slaughter, meat and skin processing. Production of grease eatables, sausage and convenience foods.

Novocherkasski Meatpacking Plant products. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Indices: Capital assets 17,0 million rubles, annual turnover 46,8 million rubles, profits 3,6 million rubles (2002).
Staff: 232 employees, 31 of them have higher education 6 specialists took the probation courses in Germany.
See also: Akulovich Lyubov Alexandrovna
Partners: Suppliers agricultural enterprises of the region, private persons. Production consumers trading enterprises of the region, wholesale depots, canteens, nursery and school establishments.
Achievements: 10-15% increase of production volume annually. Range expansion, development and production of exclusive sausage. Increase in profit and wages. Establishing of joint agricultural enterprise.

Novocherkasski Meatpacking Plant, production process. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Community affairs: The company is a participant of Noviy Cherkassk Charity Fund. It sponsors Donchanka basketball team, orphanages as well as various popular cultural activities and contests.
Offers: The company offers wide range delivery of meat, meat products and sausage.
Projects: Technical re-equipment of sausage workshop. Total cost 20 million rubles. Terms of justification 3 years. Possible way of investors participation drawback credit.
Managment: Director General Lyubov A. Akulovich. Chief Accountant Lyudmila N. Lastochkina.
Branches: 24a Kotovskogo St., Novocherkassk, tel. (86352) 3-43-49; 9a N. Tereshkovoy St., Donskoy, Novocherkassk, tel. (86352) 7-35-32.
Published works, press comments: More detailed information about Myasokombinat Novocherkasskiy Open Joint Stock Company can be found in the following issues: Agricultural Industry Complex of Rostov region XXI (2002, p. 370); Harvest-time in Bequeathed Fields the leaders of Agricultural Industry Complexes of Rostov region (2002, c. 266); Bomond magazine (1999, 3-4); Novocherkassk magazine (2001, 1, p. 12); Rossiyskaya Torgovlya (2003, 1-2, c. 64).
Plans, prospects: Technical re-equipment of sausage workshop. Further production development and modernization.
Date public: September 2003


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