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About the organization
Liter-Polis Northern-Caucasian Railroad Insurance Company, Open Joint-Stock Company
Address: 1/2 Privokzalnaya Sq., Rostov-on-Don, 344001.
Telephone: (8632) 59-51-54, 38-25-20. Fax: 59-51-54, 38-25-20.
E-mail: liter1s@rambler.ru .
Chief: Alexeev Pavel Anatolievich
Historical outlines: Founded on April 16, 1992 and headquartered in Rostov-on-Don, Liter-Polis offers insurance products over the Northern-Caucasian Railroad territory. Liter-Policy is a member of the Association of Transport Insurers, the Don Association of Insurers, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Rostov Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Pavel Anatolievich Alexeev, Director General of Liter-Polis.

Corporative holiday: 16 April
Founders: Northern-Caucasian Railroad branches, natural persons.
Structure of joint-stock: Current shareholders: 93.8%--juridical persons, 6.2%--natural persons.
Key activities: Liter-Polis offers a broad portfolio of insurance products: optional life insurance, optional accidents and sickness, optional cargo insurance, financial risk insurance, property insurance, transport insurance; 24 products at all.
Indices: Yearly turnover totals 227.8bn rubles; owned capital totals 32.7mn rubles.
Staff: 99 employees, 76 of them have higher education, two have Ph.D. degree. Seven staffers were awarded the Ministry of Transportation medals and four - the Northern-Caucasian Department of Transport Militia medals.
See also: Alexeev Pavel Anatolievich
Partners: Liter-Polis works with Northern-Caucasian Railroad, Krasny Kotelshchik OJSC, Rostovgazoapparat CJSC, Rostovelektrosvyaz OJSC, Kombinat Rabochy CJSC, TKZ plant, insurance company of the Northern-Caucasian Department of Transport Militia, Empils OJSC, Azov Cannery, etc.
Achievements: Liter-Polis, a Russian Top 100 company (rating of 2002), maintains its lead position in the regional market; the Russian Union of Insurersĺ statistics show that the company occupies 42nd place among all Russians insurers; it ranks 14th in amount of insurance premium on individual insurance (with the exception of life insurance), 9th in amount of insurance premium on cargo insurance, 9th in amount of insurance premium on accident insurance and sickness insurance, and 9th in amount of insurance premium and payment under optional medical insurance (provided since 2002). Number of the companyĺs customers exceeds 500,000.

Certificates and diplomas received by Liter-Polis. Photo by Vitaly Mltyhian.

Community affairs: For ten years Liter-Polis sponsors Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts and Tchaikovsky Music School, Rostov-on-Don, giving grants to best students and painters.
Managment: Director GeneralŚPavel A. Alexeev, tel. (8632) 38-25-20, 59-51-54. Chief execuitiveŚVitaly V. Tikhomirov, 38-25-20, 59-51-54.
Branches: Liter-Polis has 10 affiliates over all North Caucasian area: Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Salsk, Likhovskaya, Kavkazskaya, Mineralnye Vody, Makhachkala, Tuapse, etc.
Date public: August 2003


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