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   Rostov Region
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About the organization
Institute of Management, Business and Law, Independent Educational Institution.
Educational activities. Consulting.
Address: 33/47a Nagibin Ave., Rostov-on-Don, 344068.
Telephone: +7 (863) 245-45-65, 292-43-33, 245-95-35, 245-25-55; Fax: 292-43-73.
E-mail: iubip@iubip.ru; iubip@rost.ru
Web site: www.iubip.ru
Chief: Akperov Imran Gurru oglu
Historical outlines: Institute of Management, Business and Law was established in April 1991. In 1992 the Institute was fully recognized by the Russian Accreditation Council on higher education.

Institute of Management, Business and Law

Corporative holiday: 19 April
Key activities: The Institute acts in accordance with Continued Education System, providing specialized secondary education, higher education, postgraduate courses, advanced training.
Staff: About 500 persons make up the Institute’s teaching staff; over 60% of them have academic degrees and academic statuses.
See also: Akperov Imran Gurru oglu
Partners: Having a unique and grown international reputation, the Institute co-works with such public and independent educational institutions as the European Council on Business Education; the Educational Center on Mueggelsee (Berlin, Germany); Haron University (London, UK); Academie de Versaille (France); University of Indianapolis (USA); Millennium City Academy (UK); Russian State Academy of Management; Plekhanov Academy of National Economy; Moscow State University; Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation; Academy of Finances under the Government of Russian Federation; Russian University of Peoples Friendship
Achievements: By now over 5,000 specialists graduated from the Institute, all of them fully qualified in the fields required by the national economy. The leading educational body in the South of Russia, Institute of Management, Business and Law occupies the eighth place at the Ministry of Education’s rating of independent educational institutions of Russia. An integral part of the educational life of the region, the Institute carries out an educational social program of the regional Ministry of Public Education on continuing education.

IUBiP. Classes.

Managment: Rector—Imran Gurru oglu Akperov, D.Sc., Professor. Senior Vice Rector—Alexander N. Kolesnichenko, Ph.D. Vice Rector in charge of research—Sergey S. Svetashev, Ph.D, assistant professor. Vice Rector in charge of quality—Yuri V. Dashko, Ph.D. Vice Rector in charge of education—Inna N. Tcheplygina, D.Sc, assistant professor. Vice Rector in charge of development—Elena A. Kleymenova. Vice Rector of the Donetsk branch – Anna I. Matvienko, Ph.D.; Vice Rector of the Nevinnomyssk branch - Alexey A. Kulev; Vice Rector of the Salsk branch—Sergey O. Kramarov, Ph.D.
Branches: Donetsk branch: 346330, 2a Trety Mikroraion, Donetsk, Rostov Region, tel. +7 (86368) 2-54-00, 2-52-02, E-mail: dbimbl@donetsk.donpac.ru.
Salsk branch: 347600, 1a Nevsky St., Salsk, Rostov Region, tel. +7 (86372) 5-60-05. 5-61-64, E-mail: salsk@iubip.ru.
Nevinnomyssk branch: 16 Sverdlov St., Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Krai, tel. +7 (86554) 6-23-94, 6-04-86, E-mail: nevin@iubip.ru.
Date public: 2003, May
Renewal date: 2005, December


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