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About the organization

Logo Zolotoy Kolos, Firm.
Bakery and confectionery. Catering.
Address: 70 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., Rostov-on-Don, 344007.
Telephone: (8632) 62-58-51.
Chief: Abacharaeva Nelly Lazarevna
Historical outlines: Zolotoy Kolos was started on December 22, 1992.
Corporative holiday: 22 December
Key activities: Bakery and confectionery. Catering.

Zolotoy Kolos' cafe. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

See also: Abacharaeva Nelly Lazarevna
Achievements: Zolotoy Kolos owns up-to-date production facilities: Croissant, puff-pastry shop with Italian equipment; confectionery; pizza, delicatessen, and frozen food shop; ice-creamery.

Puff-pustry shop. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.
A team of experts works up proprietary compositions and recipes that, along with quality control and careful choice of products, allow Zolotoy Kolos production to be a local top-selling brand.

Zolotoy Kolos. Photo by Igor Vedeniapin.

Community affairs: Being noticeable involved in community affairs, the firm sponsors and co-sponsors the Rostov nursing home # 2, the military hospital # 1602, the All-Russian Society for Disabled Persons, the children company Kablutchok and ensembles of the Rostov-Dosug community center, Novocherkassk Suvorov Military School, the Children Jazz Contest, and My School is Free-Of-Drugs action; suppotrs handicapped children, families with many children, war veterans, the Union of Militia Veterans, and academician A. I. Egorov personally, etc.
Offers: Zolotoy Kolos offers delivery of confectionery and frozen food along with necessary baking facilities.
Managment: President of the firm Zakir R. Abacharaev, tel. (8632) 62-58-51. Director General Nelly L. Abacharaeva, 62-58-51. Chief executive Alexander I. Lyashenko, 53-86-77. Chief accountant Nina N. Khokhlova, 53-81-96. Deputy director general Andrei A. Poverenny, 51-35-79.
Branch offices: Rostov shops: 207 Tekuchiov Str., 207, tel. 53-86-77, 51-02-63 (fax); 11a Dolomanovsky Str., 11, 44-15-39; 28/2, Karl Marx Square, 51-26-12. Novocherkassk confectionery, 3 Moskovskaya Str., (8252) 207-49, 207-48.
Published works, press comments: For more information, see reference books Don Women, 2002, Main Actors at the Rostov Region, 2002; magazines Law and Business at the South of Russia, 2001, # 4, Beau Monde, 2001, ## 7-8 (43-44), 9-10 (45-46), A Person on His Place, 2001, # 12; newspapers Vecherny Rostov, 2001, # 179, Zerkalo Dona, 1997, # 12 (18), Donskie Vedomosty, 1999, # 11 (460), Don Ecology, 1997, # 14 (18), Don Economy, 2001, # 13-14, Molot, 2001, 28-29, etc.
Plans, prospects: Zolotoy Kolos plans to build and launch a trade-and-production complex with laboratories and storage facilities in 20032005.


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