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About the organization
Bertolini Marmi, Limited Liability Company.
Natural marble and granite of PREMIUM class delivery and realization.
Address: 83, Teatralniy St., Rostov-on-Don, 344010.
Telephone: (8632) 92-30-00. Fax: 92-38-38.
E-mail: bertolini@aaanet.ru; marmi@aaanet.ru
Web site: www.bertolini.ru
Chief: Chuprikov Oleg Vladimirovich
Historical outlines: Bertolini Marmi is an Italian company with the main office in La Speria. The company purchases the best natural stones all over the world and processes them in Italy.
Corporative holiday: 4 May
Key activities: Delivery and realization of natural marble and granite of PREMIUM class from deposits of Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Brazil. Facade, socle, bathroom finishing and veneering. Table boards, windowsills, stairs of natural marble.

Bertolini Marmi

See also: Sergeyeva Elena Yurievna
Achievements: Bertolini Marmi owes largest exhibition hall of natural stones in the South of Russia;the company contracts for custom design with top European architects and designers.
Offers: The company is in search for designers with natural stone processing experience and for partners among building enterprises.
Projects: Bertolini Marmi takes an active part in construction project realization in Italy, Moscow and Postov-on-Don.
Managment: Director – Oleg V.Chuprikov, tel. (8632) 92-38-38. Director of Commerce – Elena Ju. Sergeyeva, tel. (8632) 92-30-00.
Branches: Bertolini Marmi S.P.A., via V. Veneto, 140. 19124 La Speria SP Italia, tel: +39 0187 791950; fax: +39 0187 731665; e-mail: bertolini@aaanet.ru
Date public: August 2003


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