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About the organization

Beriev Aircraft Company. Logo. Beriev Aircraft Company, Open Joint-Stock Company.
Aircraft development and production.
Address: 1 Aviatorov Sq., Taganrog, 347923.
Telephone: (86344) 4-99-01; Fax: 4-14-54.
E-mail: info@beriev.com
Web site: www.beriev.com
Chief: Kobzev Victor Anatolievich
Historical outlines: The Central Naval Aircraft Design Bureau, later on renamed Taganrog Aircraft Scientific and Technical Complex, was founded at Taganrog on October 1934; Georgy Beriev was appointed its first Designer General. The first production, MBR-2 short-range marine recognisance hydroplane, KOR-1 (Be-2) and KOR-2 hydroplane, made a good showing during WWII. Over the period of 1940s1960s Be-6 flying boat, the coast guard successfully used Be-10 jet hydroplane, Be-6 flying boat and the largest for that time Be-12 amphibian. Be-30 (Be-32) was designed in 1968 for internal airlines, yet the aircraft was not in production for some political reasons. Within 25 years the reconstructed model attracted much attention on Paris Air Show. During 1970s80s BERIEV Aircraft Company was expanding its area of activities. Strategic arming complexes, such as A-50 airborne early warning and control system and Tu-142MP super long-range communication aircraft were constructed.
In 1986 A-40, the largest multipurpose amphibian performed its maiden flight; its perfect design has on its credit twelve world records. Nowadays BERIEV Aircraft Company works for civil aviation as well as for Air Forces. In 1998 there was designed Be-200 multipurpose civil amphibian.

Be-200 amphibian.
Since its foundation in 1934 BERIEV Aircraft Company has been developed over 20 aircraft models for civil, military and special aviation; the BERIEV aircraft held about 200 world records.

Key activities: Design, testing, production of aircraft; modernizing, technical support and servicing; training courses.

-40 amphibian.

Staff: BERIEV Aircraft Company employs about 3000 people.
See also: Kobzev Victor Anatolievich
Achievements: Nowadays the company carries out a number of prospective projects, the principal of which is the Be-200 multipurpose amphibian. Be-200 basic modification is intended for forest fire fighting; this has been the basic unit around which various modifications can been built. Another project is Be-103 light amphibian which can be used for air traffic, air patrolling, rescue operations, as flying ambulance, etc. Works on improvement of A-42 search-and-rescue amphibian are on progress; Be-32K gave a good account for itself on internal airlines.

Be-103 amphibian.

Managment: Director General Victor A. Kobzev.
Plans, prospects: At the present time the staff of BERIEV Aircraft Company works on projects of a large-scale amphibious aircraft with take-off weight over 1000 tons.
Date public: September 2003


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