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   Rostov Region
About region
Agricultural sector
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About the organization

BeauMonde. Logo
Beau Monde, Limited Liability Company.
Monthly magazine.
Address: 51/15 Moskovskaya St., Rostov-on-Don, 344007.
Telephone: (8632) 62-30-38. Fax: 62-30-38.
E-mail: Bomond@aaanet.r u
Chief: Merzlikina Irina Petrovna
Historical outlines: Beau Monde, full-color monthly magazine, is focused on the regional business and culture matters; an array of the magazines topics covers politics, business, markets, brands, entertainment, style, fashion, sports, arts, housing, real estates, etc. The periodical is distributed via subscription, direct mailing, newsstands, etc.

BeauMonde magazine

Corporative holiday: 17 July
Founders: Beau Monde Ltd.
Key activities: Publishing, printing services, PR, advertising.
Indices: Total circulation makes up 6000 copies.
Staff: 30 employees.
See also: Merzlikina Irina Petrovna
Partners: Local business groups.
Achievements: Beau Monde built up a reputation of high-quality edition, winning the recognition of the regional key political actors and businessmen. In 2002, Beau Monde got the Regional Administration and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Award, being nominated as The Best Magazine of the Year.
Managment: Editor-in-chief Irina P. Merzlikina, tel. (8632) 62-30-38.
Date public: September 2003


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