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   Rostov Region
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About the organization
Aksai Museum of Military History, State Establishment of Culture.
Address: 120 Gulaeva St., Aksai, Rostov Region, 346700.
Telephone: (86350) 5-46-85. Fax: 5-46-85.
Chief: Gladchenko Vladimir Dmitrievich
Historical outlines: Founded in 1948 as a school museum, it was subsequently enlarged, diversified and developed into an independent public museum under the jurisdiction of the Rostov Region (since 1992). The Aksai Museum of Military History consists of five theme units: A Fortress and Customs House of the 18th Century; A Post Office of the 19th Century; the Museum of the 20th Century Weapon (fire-arms, aircraft and field guns, armor); a Trade Ffair of the 18th Century, the Suvorov House, where the famous Russian strategist spent the winter of 1783-1784. Besides, the Mukhina Balka nature reserve falls into the museum responsibility.
Thanks to the museum activity, Aksai, one of the first Cossack settlements, holds its original appearance.


Founders: The Ministry of Culture of the Rostov Region.
Key activities: Educational activities (lectures, excursions). Preservation, restoration, and cataloging of items of historic value.
Staff: 51 employees, including 20 research workers.
See also: Gladchenko Vladimir Dmitrievich
Managment: Director – Vladimir D. Gladchenko, tel. (86350) 5-46-85. Deputy director on research – Irina V. Panchenko. Deputy director – Alexander A. Verbitsky.
Plans, prospects: Restoration and preservation of the relics of the Don history and culture; development of new sightseeing routes.
Date public: September 2003


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