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   Rostov Region
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About the organization
Aeronavigatsia Yuga, Branch of the ôState ATM Corporation of Russiaö Federal Unitary Enterprise.
Air navigation in the airspace under the Southern Federal District responsibility.
Address: 19 Vtoraya Linia St., Rostov-on-Don, 344019.
Telephone: (863) 291-40-06; Fax: 291-48-38.
Chief: Gorbenko Valery Mikhailovich
Key activities: The main objective of Aeronavigatsia Yuga, which was founded on October 2002, is to ensure safe (reorganized on July, 1, 2004 to branch Aeronavigatsia Yuga of ôState ATM Corporation of Russiaö Federal Unitary Enterprise), regular, efficient, and economical air traffic on domestic and international airways or at any aviation activity within the limits of its responsibility as established by license.

Control point, Strela (the North-Caucasian the North-Caucasian branch of the Department of Air Traffic Control). Photo by Vitaly Mltyhian.

Staff: Over 4000 employees; all of them have higher or special education.
See also: Gorbenko Valery Mikhailovich
Partners: Aeroflot-Don OJSC, Aeroport Rostov na Donu OJSC.
Achievements: Aeronavigatsia Yuga carries out services of air navigation in the air space over the territory of the Southern Federal District that consists of thirteen Russian Federation constituent members (territory of the Southern Federal District) and water areas of the Azov, the Black, and Caspian seas. Total area of air space serviced by Aeronavigatsia Yuga makes up over 750,000 square kilometers, total length of airways, the international ones including, makes up 17,000 kilometers.
Projects: Scheduled renovation and technical re-equipment of technologies, radiolocation and radio-navigation aids, telecommunications and computer facilities.
Managment: Director GeneralŚValery M. Gorbenko, tel. (863) 291-40-06. Deputy director on produtionŚVladimir P. Zhukov, 291-47-69. Deputy director on economics and financeŚLyudmila P. Popova, 291-40-08. Deputy director on safetyŚEugeny N. Kasianov, 291-46-86. Deputy director on HRŚVladimir G. Zubishin, 291-45-65. Deputy director on technical support of production, head ingeneerŚVladimir R. Gulchenko, 291-47-56, 272-39-14.

Supervisory personnel of Aeronavigatsia Yuga

Centers of the Department of Air Traffic Control: Kubansky: PBO 4335; 75 Pervogo Maya St., Pashkovsky Posiolok 2, Krasnodar.
Nizhne-Volzhsky: 9 Lenina St., Volgograd.
Prikaspiisky: Makhachkala Airport.
Strela, the North-Caucasian center: 302 Sholokhova Ave., Rostov-on-Don.
Mineralovodsky: Mineralnye Vody airport.
Vladikavkazsky: Beslan airport, Northern Ossetia (Alania) Republic.
Nalchiksky: 191 Kabardinskaya St., Kabardino-Balkaria Republic-24.
Tamansky: Airport, Anapa-7.
Chernomorsky: Airport, Sotchi, A-355.
Published works, press comments: For more information, see Transport Yuga magazine, #6, 2002 and #6, 2004.
Plans, prospects: Aeronavigatsia Yuga is planning to affiliate the civil sector of the Territorial Center of the uniform system of Air Traffic Management, thus resulting in closing cycle of Air Traffic Management in the region.
Date public: September 2003.
Date of renewal:2005, December.


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