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About the person

Andrianov Vyacheslav Grigorievich

Vyacheslav Andrianov

Neftepromtechnologii Research and Production Center, Director General

Address: 45 Kalinina St., pos. Chernomorsky, Seversky District, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 353265.
Telephone: + 7 (86166) 67-014, 67-494; Fax: 67-494.
E-mail: npt@newmail.ru
Two feelings dwell inside my breast,
Those two that cater to the soul,
The love of dearest hearth and home,
The love of kinfolks laid to rest.

Place of birth: Born in the settlement of Chernomorsky, Krasnodar Krai.
Date of birth: 13 October 1955
Education: Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute, Dept. of Chemical Engineering (1977); the Voznesensky Institute of Finance and Economics, Leningrad, Dept. of Economics (1986).
Professional experience: As a kid, Vyacheslav Andrianov wished to be a herdboy. For eighteen years, from 1972 to 1990, he worked with sensitive technologies at enterprises of the Ministry of Electronic Industry: foreman, shop mechanic, head of section, senior engineer. 1990—94: Neftetermmash, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer; 1994—97: Axelcom-Kuban, business manager; 1997—2003: OOO Neftemash-Nauka, deputy director general; 2003: OOO Not, deputy director general. 2004: appointed Director General of OOO Neftepromtechnologii (Oil-field Technologies) Research and Production Center.
He believes he owes his successful career to good teachers, obligation to his family, and respect for people.
Family: Father—Grigory Andrianov, WWII veteran, the Honored Road-builder (d. in 2005), mother—Ekaterina Andrianova (d. in 1998). Wife—Lyudmila Andrianova (married on July 5, 1975), a processing engineer specialized in glass and glassceramics. Three children—Irina (1976), a chief accountant, Grigory (1978), chief supervisor at OAO Varieganneftegaz of Tyumen Oil Company British Petroleum; Ekaterina (1995), a student of music and a laureate of the Krai talent competition. Granddaughter Cristina (1999).
Hobbies: Fishing.
Preferences: Vyacheslav Andrianov rates highly such human qualities as integrity, reliability, honesty, and zest for life; for him, the best way to spend holiday is fishing and the best gift to get is something with a great sentimental value rather than a prestige label. He loves Grieg's music, Mikhail Sholokhov's novels, movies with Mikhail Ulianov, and songs by Pelagea. His favorite flowers are dahlias, choice food, solyanka (pizza soup) and macédoine.
Wishes, plans: To work and to take satisfaction in work.
Date public: 2006, February


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