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Agafonov Yuri Alexandrovich

Yuri Agafonov

Krasnodar University of MVD (the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation), Commanding Officer
MVD (Ministry of Interior) Major-General. D.Sci. (Philosophy), Cand.Sci. (Law). Professor.

Address: 128 Yaroslavskaya St., Krasnodar, Russia, 350005.
Telephone: +7 (861) 258-40-03, 258-42-86; Fax: 258-42-86.
Motto: Today is the right time to make the things that the others are going to think over tomorrow.
Place of birth: Born in Novosibirsk.
Date of birth: 5 January 1955
Education: Kuban State University, Dept. of Economics (1977); Dept. of Law (1989). Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), Cand.Sci. (Law). Professor.
Professional experience: As a kid, Yuri Agafonov wanted to be a builder; later on he chose a career of economist. He worked as a transport worker (1970—71), a mechanic (1971—77); in 1977 he received a degree in Economics and joined law enforcement agencies. Since then he has been serving at various units within the Ministry of Interior: as an engineer, then senior engineer (1977—80), at the Economic Crimes Division (1980—88); from 1988 to 1990 he held offices of deputy chief of a district department of the Ministry of Interior, from 1990 to 1992, deputy chief of the Krasnodar Training Center of the Ministry of Interior, from 1992 to 1994, head of the same Center, from 1994 to 2003, head of Krasnodar Law Institute of the Ministry of Interior. In 2003 he was appointed Head of Krasnodar Academy of the Ministry of Interior, which in 2006 was reorganized into Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Interior.
Membership: A member of the Russian Academy of the Humanities, a corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences.
Awards, honorary titles: The Order of Honor (1997), the order Hero of Labor of Kuban (2005). Honored Worker of the Kuban Department of the Ministry of Interior (1999), Honored Worker of the Kuban Science (2000), Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation (2000), Honored Teacher of Kuban (2002).
Published works, press comments: Over 70 works, including Social Order in Russia, Basics of Political Sciences, Russian Philosophy and Sociology of Law.
Family: Parents—Alexander G. Agafonov (d. 1989), Honored Builder of the USSR, and Tatiana M. Agafonova, a builder. Wife—Tatiana, an economist. Children—Marina, Militia Lt.-Col, Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), Pavel, Head of the CID, Militia Captain, and Alla, Svetlana, and Victoria, students. Three grandchildren.
Hobbies: Mountain climbing, mountaineering.
Preferences: He rates highly people with zeal and ability to stand hardships of law and order duties; likes to spend his vacations mountainside; loves Pushkin; favorite cuisine is the Kuban regional cuisine; favorite drink, Caucasian mineral waters.
Wishes, plans: “To organize a large South-Russian center for education and research.”
Date public: 2005, March
Renewal date: 2006, July


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