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About the organization

Victoria, OAO
Address: 102 Pobedy St., Bielorechensk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 352630.
Telephone: +7 (86155) 225-67 (secretary), 224-57.
E-mail: viko@belrus.kuban.ru
Chief: Trianophilidi Sergey Pavlovich
Historical outlines: With nearly half-a-century expertise inherited from its predecessorByelorechensk Canned Food FactoryOAO Victoria is the sole in the North Caucasian region manufacturer of premium class sponge cakes, rolls, pastry, and other candies. Candies and pastry made by OAO Victoria are well-known to consumers in Moscow, Krasnodar, Nalchik, Pyatigorsk, Mahachkala and others Russian cities, as well as in Armenia, Georgia, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan.
Corporative holiday: 7 July
Founders: 100 % individuals.
Key activities: The company specialized in pastry, sponge cakes primarily (a full range of rolls, minirolls, tarts, cakes; 34 items at all), extruded snacks and party food (pellets with various filling, vitamin-enriched pellets for kids, crisps with bacon, cheese, pizza, etc. flavor); candies, zephyr (candy made of light cream and whipped egg-whites, analogous to marshmallow) and pastila (candy made of fruit or berries, analogous to marshmallow). Canned goods: fruit sauces, jams, puree.


Indices: Production volume (2004)10,382 tons; sales volume459,643 thousand rubles.
Staff: 851 employees, 78 have higher education.
See also: Zuyev Victor Alexeevich
Partners: The list of active buyers includes OOO Stokros Agronap, OOO Imperia Vkusa (Empire of Taste) Torg, ZAO Tander, Krasnodar, OOO Slada, Nalchik, and a number of trade companies based in seven CIS states.
Achievements: High-quality, healthy and natural ingredients, and original receipts have been bringing to Victoria production numerous awards, among them an entry to the list of Top Hundred Russian Consumer Goods (2003). The company is the winner of the Interfood-2000 award, the ProdUral International Trade Fair Award (2001), the Rostov Hospitable Award (2001), the Russian Business Award (2002), the ProdExpo Farmer of Povolzhie Award (2003), the Milk 2003 Award, the 2003 New Year Trade Fair Award, the Kuban Top Quality Consumer Goods Award (2003), etc. The company was awarded the Golden Standard quality certificate and Victor Zuyev, its Director General, was presented with the Golden Imperial Prize (Paris, 2004).

Yevgeny Semechkin

Community affairs: In 2004 the company carried out various outreach and sponsored programs to the sum of 387 thousand rubles.
Managment: Director GeneralSergey P. Trianophilidi, tel. +7 (86155) 224-57. Marketing directorGennady S. Pavlov, 319-64. Technical directorSergey P. Traindofilidi, 237-55.
Plans, prospects: The company plans to install a new sponge-cake processing line, to extend the range of products and to expand the product market.
Date public: 2005, June


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