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About the organization

Rotas, OOO
Retransmission of Radio Sem na Semi Kholmakh (Radio Seven on the Seven Hills) programs. Broadcasting on 103.7FM. Advertising: creation, producing and airing.
Address: 30-4 Zheleznodorozhnaya St., Krasnodar, Russia, 350000.
Telephone: +7 (861) 277-103-7; Fax: 277-103-7.
Chief: Tarasov Roman Sergeyevich
Historical outlines: Launched on March 18, 2004, OOO Rotas retransmits one of the most well-known and most popular broadcasters in Russia, Moscow-based Radio Sem na Semi Kholmakh. Target demographics is an audience in the age group 25-49, with higher education and income level from middle to upper middle, in other words, young and middle-aged professionals. There is a broad range of programming formats, such as contemporary pop, rock, oldies, evergreen, news/talk. High quality of broadcasting, the most listenable and innovative mix of music, no self-acclaimed pundits in the air, and rendering ads as small as possible, Radio Sem na Semi Kholmakh has been winning over new listeners every day.

Rotas. Staff

Corporative holiday: 19 June
Founders: Individuals.
Structure of joint-stock: 100% individuals.
Key activities: Retransmission of Radio Sem na Semi Kholmakh (Radio Seven on the Seven Hills; the Moscow-based station broadcasts music, news, current affairs and lifestyle programs) programs. Advertising.
See also: Tarasov Roman Sergeyevich
Partners: The company cooperates with ZAO SAK, OOO Firma Pioneer, key Krasnodar and regional companies and organizations.
Achievements: Radio Sem na Semi KholmakhŚKrasnodar is the only in the Krasnodar Krai independent broadcaster with effective radiated power of 1 kilowatt and the first company that shifted on full-automated broadcasting.
Managment: DirectorŚRoman S. Tarasov, tel. +7 (861) 244-99-66.
Plans, prospects: To be second to none.
Date public: 2005, February


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