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About the organization

Logo All-Russian Rice Research Institute, State Scientific Institution
Headquarters Institution for scientific and methodological support to the rice-growing sector of Russian Agriculture.
Address: ARRRI, p/o Belozernoe, Krasnodar, Russia, 350921.
Telephone: +7 (861) 2-294-149; Fax: 2-294-149.
E-mail: arrri_kub@mail.ru
Chief: Kharitonov Yevgeny Mikhailovich
Historical outlines: The All-Union Research Institute of Rise-growing was founded in Krasnodar on December, 1931. Since 1991- the All-Russian Rice Research Institute.

All-Russian Rice Research Institute. Building

Key activities: Breeding of rice varieties with high yield and desirable agronomic traits for various climatic zones; developing of resource-saving and environmental-safe technologies of rice production. Seed farming.
Staff: 346 employees; 138 staffers have degrees, among them 17 have degree of D.Sc. and 50 of Cand.Sc.
See also: Kharitonov Yevgeny Mikhailovich
Achievements: Due to the scientific support provided by the Institute, the total rice yield and crop capacity now double that of 1997, for the region as well as for Russia. Over a period of 2000-04 total rice yield in the Krasnodar Territory has risen up to 450,000 tons, the crop capacity - up to 48 quintals per hectare.
Eighteen rice varieties developed by the Institute were approved and allowed to use, making now 95 % of total rice cultivation area in the Krasnodar Territory and 90 % in Russia. Ametist, Viola, Druzhny, and Yantar varieties have been awarded golden and silver medals by the All-Russian Exhibition Center, being marked as the best innovation in the agroindustrial complex.

All-Russian Rice Research Institute

Offers: The Institute offers the most modern rice growing methods and techniques, planting seeds of high-yielding rice varieties and rice grain.
Projects: The project for rice hull dismantling aimed on silicon extraction and production of sorbent agents and pressed building materials. Appr. volume of investments: $150,000; pay-back period: three years; share of outside investor: $30,000; share holding of domestic investors: up to 50 %.
Managment: DirectorŚYevgeny M. Kharitonov, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Deputy director on researchŚVictor S. Kovalev, D.Sci., tel. +7 (861) 22-94-404.
Plans, prospects: Broadening of predictive marketing research; technical re-equipment; development of interregional and international cooperation.
Date public: 2005, May


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