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About the organization
Ozelenitel-Kuban, OOO
Design and management of urban planting; garden supplies, growing of plants and flowers.
Address: 74 Pashkovskaya St., Krasnodar, Russia, 350000.
Telephone: +7 (861) 255-14-08, 255-03-66.
Chief: Artiushkina Lyubov Ilyinichna
Historical outlines: Founded on October 19, 1990 as a municipal enterprise.
Corporative holiday: 19 October
Key activities: Design and management of urban planting; garden supplies, growing of ornamental plants and flowers. Flower show and exhibitions. All activities are certified.

Zhukov's park in Crasnodar. Planting works by Ozelenitel-Kuban

Staff: 100 employees.
See also: Artiushkina Lyubov Ilyinichna
Partners: Ozelenitel-Kubans list of clients includes: OAO Tabakprom Philip Morris, OAO DSK 1 (house-building factory), the regional branch of the Central Bank, Krasnodar municipalities and housing estates, the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Krai, Krasnodarenergo (Krasnodar Grid ompany), Kubanneftegazstroy, Krasnodaravtodor, OOO KLAAS, local childcare centers, resort hotels, etc.
Achievements: The company has on its credit an introduction of such modern forms and techniques of landscaping and urban planting as the European classic lawn, conifers trimmed into decorative shapes, sculptural plants, Holland flowering shrubs and pot flowers. Ozelenitel-Kuban is fully equipped with modern technologies, including Sweden gardening and lawn-mowing machinery, German spraying equipment, CAD, etc. The company has been awarded the award by the show Education, Career, Business, 2001, the award by the exhibition Svyaz-Inform, 2001 (all events in Rostov-on-Don), the diploma in the Union of Kuban Builders/Employeers, 2005, and the Letter of Credit by the Krasnodar eparchy (2006).
Community affairs: The company sponsors the regional charity Semitsvet.
Plans, prospects: The further implementation of up-to-date technologies and achievements in the area of landscaping and urban planting.
Date public: 2006, June


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