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About the organization

Logo Kubantorgbank, ZAO
Complete range of banking services for corporal customers and individuals.
Address: 35 Mira St., Krasnodar, Russia, 350063.
Telephone: +7 (861) 268-31-08, 279-60-27; Fax: 268-31-08, 279-60-27.
E-mail: post@kvtb.ru
Web-address: www.kvtb.ru
Chiefs: Kurenkov Denis Gennadievich, President
Apukhtin Vladimir Pavlovich, Chairman of the board of directors.
Historical outlines: Kubantorgbank was founded on September 28, 1990 as Stater commercial bank; later it was reorganized to ZAO Kubantorgbank.
In December 2004, the bank joined the Government Deposit Insurance Program (license No. 318 of December 16, 2004).

Kubantorgbank. Office building

Corporative holiday: 28 September
Founders: OOO PKF Samson.
Structure of joint-stock: Corporate shareholders—92 %; individual shareholders—8 %.
Key activities: ZAO Kubantorgbank provides a wide range of banking services including assets and savings management, transfers, foreign exchange operations, bank drafts, operations via the Bank-Client computerized system, depositary services. License No. 478 of March 26, 2001.


Indices: Total share capital—31,500 thousand rubles; assets as of 01.01.2006—159,681 thousand rubles; annual turnover—9,558,827 thousand rubles; originated loans per year—421,230 thousand rubles; raised capital—359,191 thousand rubles; annual income (2005)—2,666 thousand rubles.
Clients: Small and medium-scale enterprises located in the Krasnodar Krai and the Rostov Region.
Staff: 29 employees, 21 of them have higher education.
See also: Apukhtin Vladimir Pavlovich
Community affairs: The bank makes regular donations to the Krasnodar Krai NGO INVA-Studia (an association of disabled children).
Projects: Construction of a tyre recycling plant in the Abinsky District of the Krasnodar Krai. Project costs—5 million Euro. Output capacity—120,000 tons of rubber per year. Payback period—6 years.
Management: Chairman of the board of directors—Vladimir P. Apukhtin, tel. +7 (861) 275-19-38. President—Denis G. Kurenkov, 268-31-08. Vice President: Alexander B. Kotliar, 279-60-29. Chief accountant: Svetlana I. Veretennikova, 210-98-22.
Published works, press comments: For more information, see newspapers Krasnodarskie Izvestia, Volnaya Kuban, Novaya Gazeta Kubani and magazine Persons of the Year.
Plans, prospects: The bank plans to open new offices in the Krasnodar Krai and launch card issue.
Date public: 2006, May


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