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About the organization

Logo Agro-industrial Company Kubanhleb, OOO
Address: 170 Engels St., Tikhoretsk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 352120.
Telephone: +7 (86196) 710-92. Fax: 750-90.
E-mail: Kubanhleb_agro@mail.ru
Chief: Lotsmanov Nikolay Konstantinovich
Historical outlines: The company was organized on April 28, 1992 as a company specialized in trade and production, Kuban-Union-Business. In December 25, 2003 it was reorganized to the Kubanhleb (AUC Kubanhleb) managing company, now running ZAO Kubanhleb, OOO Elevator Poroshinsky, OOO Agrounion, ZAO Imeni Kirova, and Fortuna chain store of groceries.

Kubanhleb office-building

Corporative holiday: 28 April
Key activities: Production, processing, and storage of agricultural products; retail and wholesale trade.

Products of Kubanhleb

Staff: More than 1,200 persons.
See also: Lotsmanov Nikolay Konstantinovich
Partners: Enterprises of agro-industrial complex, wholesale distributors and retail trade.
Achievements: Thanks to the most up-to-date processing equipment, environment-friendly technologies, and high-quality local staples, mostly produced within the company's structure, Kubanhleb has won confidence of consumers and recognition of experts.

Sing Russian Mark
It's sufficient to say that ZAO Kubanhleb, one of the company's units specialized on confectionery, has been the winner of various national and international awards, among them the For Development and Promotion of New Brand of Cakes Grand-Prix (Moscow, 2002), and gold medals of ProdExpo-2003 and the Golden Autumn trade fair, Moscow, 2003.

Awards of Kubanhleb production

Community affairs: The company sponsors the City of Tikhoretsk Football Championship, supports village schools at Ternovskaya and Alexeevskaya, and participates in the project of a Tikhoretsk church erection.
Projects: Construction of a feed mill and a grinder mill at the Poroshinsky grain elevator. Importation of agricultural machinery for the agro-industrial complex.
Managment: Chief General-Nikolay K. Lotsmanov. First deputy director-Victor N. Dotsenko. Deputy director in charge of finance-Irina V. Tsyba. Deputy director in charge of legal regulations-Tatiana I. Kislitsyna.
Published works, press comments: Future trends: the following development of farming industry; two projects-of a bakery and a superstore-are on schedule.
Date public: 2005, February


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