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About the organization

Logo Blok, Gulkevichi Plant of Concrete Blocks, OAO
settlement Krasnoselsky.
Concrete products for industrial and civil engineering.
Address: 2 Promyshlennaya St., ­os. Krasnoselsky, Gulkevichi District, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 352189.
Telephone: +7 (86160) 308-80, 308-82; Fax: 308-80, 308-82.
E-mail: blok-besser@bk.ru
Chief: Shulga Vladimir Vicktorovich, Director General
Historical outlines: Founded on February 23, 1973 as Gulkevichi Plant of Concrete Blocks and Metalware, later on the enterprise was converted to a joint-stock company and named OAO Blok (Gulkevichi Plant of Concrete Blocks).
The plant has on its credit participation transnational projects of oil and natural gas mains, Blue Stream and Caspian Pipeline Consortium, and national projects of great social importance, flood relief works in the Krasnodar Krai (2002) and rebuilding of Mozdok Military Hospital destroyed by the act of terrorism.

Blok, Gulkevichi Plant of Concrete Blocks

Corporative holiday: 23 February
Key activities: Manufacturing of prestresssed concrete items, columns, collars, membranes, piles, wall panels, structural elements made by dry vibrocompression technology; balcony slabs and flat arches, footing blocks. Stock list of 400-plus items. Manufacturing of metalware per customer specifications.

Blok, Gulkevichi Plant of Concrete Blocks. Management's building

Staff: 292 employees; 35 have degrees. Four employees were awarded Letters of Awards by the Krasnodar Krai Department for Architecture and Town-planning, Director General was awarded the title of Honored Builder of Kuban (2003) and the Medal for Outstanding Service to Kuban Development (2004).
Customers: building companies located in the Krasnodar Krai, the Stavropol Krai, and the Rostov Region, the largest being OOO NefteindustriaľYug, Krasnodar, OOO SectorľYug, Rostov-on-Don, OOO MIR, Rostov-on-Don, OAO Sevkavkazelektrosetstroy, Stavropol, etc.
Offers: OAO Blok takes orders on a wide range of concrete building structures, custom-built included.
Managment: Director GeneralŚVladimir V. Shulga, tel. +7 (86160) 308-81. Deputy Director GeneralŚVladimir M. Kutsenko, 308-80.
Plans, prospects: The enterprise aims at a further increase in production volume and range, and the assimilation of new technologies.
Date public: 2006, November


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